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GLOWW LAYOUTS' Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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EASY MONEY NOW [Monday, March 26th @ 6:02pm]
[ mood | productive ]

for everybody here who spends time on the computer, wouldn't you like to be making easy money to do it?

my friend found this site that pays you money to take surveys online. these surveys can range from short questionnaires to simply entering your zip-code. i was skeptical until they started getting their $30-60 checks in the mail! there are testimonials on the site of people who get hundreds of dollars in checks every month. i made $40 in one hour yesterday! if you stick to the 50 cent surveys (which only require you to enter your e-mail address or zip-code) you could be making 50 cents every five seconds. or you could take a few extra minutes to be making $1-9 a pop.

this is not a scam! use your real information to create your account, but once you get started and you're completing surveys, it's probably a good idea to use an old e-mail address if you don't want a bunch of junk-mail.

as a bonus, if you tell your friends about this and send them your referral link, you can make 20% of what they make and 5% of what their referrals make.

to start making money, just click this link. treasuretrooper.com/246972


012. [Monday, September 18th @ 8:17pm]
okay so since the computer is being packed up and i don't know when it will be unpacked, let alone have internet service in the new house, this community is pretty much done. not that i updated that much anyway. i'm not going to delete it, but i probably won't be posting anymore.

too bad it couldn't work out :[!

000. [Friday, January 1st @ 12:00pm]

welcome to gloww_layouts!

a copy & paste layout community just for your livejournal. anyone can join- html challenged, or whizzes- it doesn't matter. all layouts courtesy of me, sami, aka glowwinthedark.

this is a closed community. so join & look around, see if there's anything you like. read the rules in the community info before doing anything. remember to comment, credit, promote, etc. oh & please, if you have any questions, follow the intructions in the community info.

this community is just re-opening, patience.

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